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Dare to Live Beautifully Broken


By Heather Lynn    4 Minute Read

No one understood brokenness more than David the king. God had called David “a man after His own heart” in 1 Samuel 13:14 but yet he had tried to go his own way and was left in the corruption of his sin. Only when he turned back to the Lord did he discover what sacrifice God truly delights in: a broken and repentant heart (Psalm 51:17). That’s exactly what God wants from us. God created us with a need for Him, and if we try to go through this life without Him, we will find ourselves searching for something to cling to and will come up empty every time. Brokenness is not easy but it is necessary for the Christian to be complete in Christ.

A broken life is a selfless life. It is a life that realizes its destitution and need for a Savior. Matthew 5:3 states “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” What did Jesus mean when he started the Beatitudes sermon with that very phrase? Blessed means divinely or supremely favored; fortunate. The idea that the “poor” would be favored seems like an absurd idea in the eyes of the world. But Jesus knew something that the world did not know. To be poor means to be dependent upon another for life; it signifies a need for someone to save or rescue. Perhaps He used the analogy in Matthew 5:3 of being “poor in spirit” because only someone who goes through poverty understands the need for help and is truly broken. Just like the impoverished, we must realize our own spiritual poverty and need for a life with God. It is the only cure that will satisfy. Verse 4 goes on to say: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” When we realize how desperate and impoverished we are, our sin will become like an unwanted stench and cause us to grieve. These verses describe what brokenness looks like.  We are completely lost on our own; our brokenness is our gift to God.

Dare to Live Beautifully Broken - Online Christian Store

God created us to be dependent on Him, but He gave us free will to choose which way we should go. He desires us to take this life and give it to Him, allowing Him to lead us and guide us. In Jeremiah 2:13, God calls Himself the fountain of living water and describes how the Israelites were giving up that unending water and digging for themselves their own cracked cisterns (a plastic container for storing water) that could never hold the water they needed! That is what a life looks like that denies Christ and tries to live on its own. We are meant to go toward God because we’ve been given access to His fountain of life! Just like Jeremiah says in 10:23, we must say that “our lives are not our own. We are not able to plan our own course.”

Denying ourselves and sacrificing the pleasures of this life for brokenness can be extremely difficult. This “all about me” world would have you think that you can be successful on your own.  In fact, society wants you to believe that brokenness is a sign of weakness. It goes against everything our world values to say we belong to God. However, until we are able to deny ourselves of our ego, selfishness, and even some personal enjoyment, we will never find completeness. Jesus gives us instructions in Luke 9:23-24 for how to offer our brokenness to Him. First, He tells us to deny ourselves, then take up our own cross just as He did and follow Him. If we give up our lives for His sake, we will find life more abundant with Him. We will see purpose in our brokenness. Colossians 3:3 tells us that once we have died to ourselves in this way, our lives will be hidden with Christ. Then, we will be able to continuously put to death the things of the flesh and set our mind on the things above as the third chapter of Colossians describes.

Dare to Live Beautifully Broken

When we accept God’s great gift of salvation, we become His. He bought us with a price so great, the price of His Son. We become the temple of the Holy Spirit at the moment of our conversion. He lives in us. Why would we live any other way than with the guidance of God who lives inside of us? Our brokenness leads us to a complete life, and it is beautiful. David understood that offering his brokenness was the only way to truly find life. May you find that in offering your brokenness before Him, you please the Lord like David did and find abundant life.

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