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Dare to Live in Heroic Submission


By Heather Lynn        5 Minute Read

We live in a society that looks for heroes. Children want to be like their favorite movie stars, singers, or athletes, and adults look to celebrities for wisdom and knowledge. We are a people that worship and submit. Go to a concert, movie, convention and you will see people who are very good at worshipping. They worship celebrities, politicians, activists, authors. They hang on their every word and even join them in their ideologies and beliefs. Oftentimes, these people think they have the power to sway their followers to believe something or follow a certain cause. We, like sheep, follow along. We define success by money, fame, possessions, and job status. Even in the Christian world, we see people follow singers, preachers, athletes, and actors because they have proclaimed Christ. While many Christian celebrities are authentic people, we should never give another person our worship or submission. It is okay to enjoy all of these things, but our submission, our allegiance, should always be to the Lord first because blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5). We are helpless on our own and in need of guidance.

The meekness described in Matthew 5:5 means giving up or yielding to someone else. It refers to our attitudes toward God, not others. It is the ultimate picture of submission or humility. When Christ died on the cross, He submitted His plan, His desires, and His life over to the Lord. He became meek, and in humility, put God’s plan for us above Himself. Philippians 2: 3-11 describes this beautiful example of humility. Verse 3 tells us that we should consider others better than ourselves and be mindful of their interests, which is the attitude of Christ! Instead of grasping the godship He deserved, He emptied Himself and made Himself nothing, taking the form of a servant. He demonstrated the exact mindset we need to have as His followers: count others better than ourselves, look out for their interests, and humble ourselves. We will find great rewards submitting to the Lord and serving others.

 Dare to Live in Heroic Submission

When we take up an attitude of meekness and submission, we will find ourselves changed. Our view of life and our beliefs transform within us and produce fruit that points back to the gospel and Jesus living inside of us. Others will see the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control that define our lives (Galatians 5:22-24). Taking the focus off of ourselves allows us to change our perspective and see the needs in others, thus helping us take the gospel everywhere we go. It will replace the competition with others that we often find ourselves in with a genuine love for their souls. Without this change, we will not be able to see God’s plan and purpose for our lives and will walk in our own ways. Our own paths always lead to disaster and destruction, while God’s plan leads to life.

Submission can be a difficult war within us, constantly fighting the urge to live for ourselves and satisfy the here and now. Living a humble life is a life that seeks the future, an eternity with the God that gave us the example of humility in Jesus. Obedience is the key to submission and a life with Christ as Deuteronomy 4:1 tells us. We must live a righteous life even when others around us are not. When focusing on self, it becomes easier to justify unrighteous actions such as gossip and slander; however, Deuteronomy 16:20 states that we should only let true justice prevail. This means humbling ourselves when we are wronged, which is the opposite of what the world cries. When we allow God to be the judge and live a life that is right by Him, we will find peace, joy, and comfort.

 Dare to Live in Heroic Submission

We will never be disappointed when we submit to the Lord. Have you ever followed a celebrity who you thought was genuine and real only to find out that they weren’t the person you thought they were? It can be one of the biggest disappointments. We as people hold others in such high regard, hoping and praying they won’t let us down. The truth is that there is only One who won’t disappoint. When we sacrifice the desire to follow our own way, take up our cross, and follow the One who knows what lies ahead, we will be blessed and inherit the earth. That is the definition of a hero.

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