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How to Share the Message You Bear

How to Share the Message You Bear

By: Heather Lynn  7 Minute Read

There are days that seem like the hope of the world is hiding under a bushel. People can become so lost within the stress and anxiety of daily life. Sometimes they are just looking for an answer anywhere, like in a song, an advertisement, or even on the message on the front of a t-shirt. We as Christians have the answer they are looking for. However, sharing your message of faith in a lost world can be such a nerve-wracking experience. Maybe you think they won’t even accept your answer. What if there was something that made this experience a little easier? What if you could testify to the world and share the message of hope you have just by your t-shirt? Wearing something with a message can draw the attention of those around you in a subtle way, whether it is a waitress at a restaurant or a person behind you in line at the coffee shop.

Once the Lord presents these opportunities, what comes next? Sometimes you only have moments to share the gospel message. 1 Peter says “...if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.” (NLT). So how do you briefly explain this great hope you have been given? These tips will help you share your faith in a way that will complement the message you bear.

  1. Be honest about what you believe. Be honest about your salvation message and how your faith helps you throughout your daily life. There are plenty of fake people in this world, and the people around you will be looking for something real, someone who is authentic. Sometimes we as Christians are afraid to be honest with the people around us because we are fearful of what they will think of us, but in reality, when we open up, we show them that we are still human in need of a Savior. That is what draws them to us. Even if it is a person you did not know before, it is always refreshing to meet someone who seems as though they practice the faith they are claiming.
  2. Use your own personal story. One of the best tools we have is the message of our own story of what the Lord has done for us. God created us to relate to others and make connections. We are a relational people. We long to feel connected to someone else. So, when you share the message of your own salvation story with someone and how God is continuing to work in your life, a personal connection is created that maybe wasn’t there before.
  3. Invite them to share in the joy you have. If it is someone you have built a relationship with, then invite them to join you at your church or Bible study. If you only have a few minutes to share your faith, invite them to find a church in their area. You can even ask them if they know someone that has great faith (chances are they do). Encourage them to have a conversation with that person about salvation. We can plant a seed even if we do not get to be the ones to see it grow just by extending an invitation to them.  

Many years ago, when I was in college, I experienced a moment like this that turned into something more than I could imagine. God had begun changing my life after high school. I was a part of a Christian organization called the BSU (Baptist Student Union) and was there any time the doors were open. I loved wearing my Christian t-shirts proclaiming the message of hope God had given me. One day during my marriage and family class, I felt a tap on my shoulder. A girl who was also in my show choir passed me a note. She and I had never really had a conversation, so I was surprised to see her note. As I read it, I realized that she was in a place of desperation and was asking me why my life was different than hers. We met after class and I shared why I believed what I believed and how God had saved me from a life of sin. I shared what He had done in my life. She came to the BSU (a Christian organization) with me and it was not long before she gave her heart to the Lord. God had given me an opportunity to share my message of faith and I had taken it. You see, there was a time when my lifestyle was not attractive to others, but God had done a change in my heart and I wanted to do anything I could to share His gospel message with those around me. My experiences with Christ helped me share and explain the change that had taken place in me.

So how can you prepare for a conversation like this?

  • Reflect on all the ways you have seen God work in your life. Spend time reflecting on the specific things He has done. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the many ways God has had His hand in your experiences. When you reflect on specific events in your past, you can see His salvation being worked out. It causes us to see Him more clearly. You can even write down your message in a journal or on a notepad.
  • Spend time daily in the Word and in prayer. When you wear your message about Christ, you are testifying about who He is and what He has done, so you want to make sure your walk matches your talk. Devote yourself to studying the scripture and walking with the Lord. The more you spend time with Him, the better you will know His words, His heart, and His salvation plan. According to Billy Graham:
“The greatest way to witness is through the life you live. Let the radiance of your Christian life be such that it will make [others] ask questions about your faith.”

A t-shirt with a faith-based message can open a door and pave the way to salvation and a new believer in Christ. With just a few words and a personal testimony, you can explain the hope He has given you. Rest assured, He will give you opportunities to help change a life, whether it is because of the testimony you are sharing or the message you bear on your t-shirt.


  • I think our best testimony is our love.💗they see our love and they want to get some of that! "Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” ~ jhn 13:35 ~

  • Inviting my non-believing friends to church events is the easiest thing I can do! 🤗 well besides wearing my Christian t-shirts! Funny enough, a lot of my friends have taken up my offer and became saved thanks to me! It doesn’t hurt to ask 😄

  • Now b/c of coronavirus, church events have been cancelled. I still put youtube links to sermons on my facebook page. It does feel good to spread the word. Thank goodness for the internet.

  • My new neighbor’s personal story is what got me close to God. I never went to church, I felt lost and hopeless. My previous neighbor had moved out, and a new neighbor moved in. She was extremely friendly and we soon began talking often, and that’s when she told me her story of being saved at age 27 and how being saved SAVED her life (she was an alcoholic and drug addict). She invited me to her church and I felt so at home, felt like I had family there that I never knew I had. Church and God have made such an impact on my life that now I have my own story to tell. Never hold back from sharing your story with others. It might just SAVE them like it SAVED me!

    Hailie Kiera
  • That’s a good point – a t-shirt alone can be enough to spread the word :)

    Chris P

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