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Power for Your Life


Power for Your Life


By: Sean Serflaten          6 Minute Read


Power is what many people want, everyone wants to be commanding and be in authority. That kind of power can be good when accompanied with wisdom. But there is another kind of power that exceeds the physical, it goes into the spiritual realm and this is the kind of power that controls things that cannot be seen. Different groups of people rely on different sources of power. People sometimes use these different powers against each other. The truth about these powers is that there is one greater than all the others.

The Egyptian magicians had challenged Moses; they thought they could do what he could do with the power of God. They trusted their powers and Moses only trusted the power of God – Moses won.

Elijah had a similar experience when he challenged the prophets of Baal. He told them to call their gods and he would call on his, anyone who answers by fire is the real God. God showed His power by sending fire from heaven burning up the sacrifice despite the massive amounts of water that was poured on it. The prophets of Baal couldn’t get their god to answer.

The power of God is greater than any other power known to the universe. He is the Almighty – He created the heavens and the earth; nothing can be more than Him. Even though God is all powerful, some Christians still find it hard to trust Him.

Why is it hard for people to trust God when facing a difficult situation?

  • Forgetting what God has done - 

    Unless you were born yesterday, odds are that God has helped you through some difficult situations. Some of those times may have even been caused by some poor decisions on your part, yet through God’s grace and love for you He gave you some power, favor, and wisdom to see you through it. Forgetting all these situations will make it hard to trust God when difficult times come again. Psalm 103:2 reminds us to not forget all His benefits.

    • Fear - 

      Fear is a powerful weapon of Satan, used to paralyze us and prohibit us from looking to God. 2 Timothy 1:7 reminds us that God gave us power to be courageous, we do not need to be fearful or timid. Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real, mere pictures that the devil puts in our minds but by relying on the power of God those fears will subside.

      • Confusion - 

        In today’s world there are so many possible solutions available for our troubling situations, we tend to think a lot and look for the fastest way to solve our problem that we forget to pray to God for His provision and wisdom to handle it. We look at our available resources and skills then get confused. God has the power to bring order and peace to our lives just as 1 Corinthians 14:33 says, we just need to look to Him for it.

        • Listening to unbelievers instead of God -

          Have you ever noticed that most people are quick to give opinions or instructions to handle situations? People living in the world do not understand God’s ways, yet they inevitably try to instruct Christians to do things contrary to the word of God. They lack the power of God’s wisdom though no matter how good their intentions may be. Be very careful that you are not trusting unbelievers while becoming deaf to the wisdom and power of God.

          What happens if we fail to trust God and the worse happens?

          • Depression -

            The Lord brings us hope so when we fail to lean on Him for strength and power, depression comes in and the feeling of giving up soon follows. This is the reason why there is so much suicide and depression in the world today. So many people are being led astray by the world that they are plagued with depression, yet they have no solution to it. When we trust in the Lord we have nothing to be afraid of because we know that He goes before us and will not leave our side.

            • Frustration -

              When we fail to trust God, we must use all our own power and strength to solve our problems. We tend to have a much lower success rate on our own, so we fail, and we get frustrated. Only God has the power and wisdom to truly help us through hard times and if we refuse to trust him, we will get frustrated quickly.

              • Anger -

                One of the things that frustration brings is anger. We tend to get angry at everything. When we try our best to get something done despite our best efforts and it gets worse, we get angry at everything and everybody. Only by seeking the Lord will we experience peace of mind.

                • Loss of faith in God -

                  When we don’t trust God or we struggle to trust Him to help us through our difficult situations, then situations tend to go from bad to worse. When that happens, we increase the possibility of not following God anymore. This is how people become atheists. They lose faith in God and start to believe that He doesn’t answer prayers, but they forget that they did not trust Him first and that they were the ones who walked away from God.

                  • Worry -

                    When we fail to trust God for our provisions we can start to worry. We worry about where our next meal will come from, when we will find a job, or how a vehicle will get fixed. The truth is that worrying does not solve anything, nor will it add anytime to our life just as Jesus teaches in Matthew 6:25-31.

                    There are different ways that God can meet all our needs, there is no need to worry about anything. Trusting God gives us the hope for a better tomorrow. Worrying causes us to lose focus and drives us into doubting God. Jeremiah 32:27 “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?” Remember, there is nothing too hard or too big for God to do.

                    God will do the things we ask of Him because He has promised us a life filled with hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) He is our helper. (Psalm 46:1) He can also meet our needs by directing our steps. If we submit to Him, He will tell us what to do and which way to go to solve our problems. (Proverbs 3:6)

                    Sometimes when we get what we get, we begin to look for more and we do whatever we can to get more. In this process, one might find themselves in a temptation. Fight this temptation and be content with what God has given you by giving thanks for what you have and strongly believe in God alone for your provision. Our heavenly Father loves you so much and like any good father He wants nothing but the best for us, but we must keep up our relations and communications with Him. We must trust Him to provide for and protect us with all His power.


                    • Thank my goodness for our God’s power to give us courage, especially in such tumultuous times! Good words and Godspeed.

                    • This rings so true. Jesus really helped cure my depression. I was even able to get off meds after 5 years of being on them (they didn’t even help a whole lot to be honest). The Bible is better than any drug, for sure.

                      Matilda P.
                    • This is not the time to test God but to TRUST in Him and His power! "Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure” Psalm 147:4-5

                    • My fear levels are higher than ever. I pray daily that this virus subsides. We need Jesus more than ever.

                      Hailie Kiera
                    • Is it me or do you think people are more confused about God than ever? Even some Christians?


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