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The Beauty of the Holy Spirit and Pentecost

The Beauty of the Holy Spirit and Pentecost - Online Christian Store

By Heather Lynn       5 Minute Read 

There is something beautiful that happens when someone comes to know Christ. The moment conversion takes place, God implants His Holy Spirit in the person’s heart to live, instruct, and be an advocate before Him for the new believer. Suddenly, the believer is no longer walking through life alone. At Christmas, we celebrate when God sent Jesus in the form of a human to live and breathe on Earth like us. At Easter, we ponder how the death of Christ brought redemption for our sins and how we can live because of His resurrection. While He was still on Earth, Jesus promised that He would send the Holy Spirit to help guide us and instruct us through life. So, at Pentecost we celebrate this wonderful Advocate He has given us. So, who is the Holy Spirit and how does He help us as Christians?

God fulfilled the scriptures when He gave us the Holy Spirit. Before His death, Jesus sat around the table in the upper room with His disciples explaining what was about to happen. In John 14:15-18, He tells His beloved friends that He is going to send the Holy Spirit to be their guide and help them obey His commandments. After His resurrection, He tells them again in Acts 1 that He will be sending the Holy Spirit and instructs them to wait until the Spirit comes upon them. But this time it would be different than the ways they had experienced His Spirit in the past. This time they would have Him living inside of them, instructing them and going before the throne for them. His Spirit would never leave. That is exactly what happened on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit came upon Peter and the other believers just as God had prophesied long ago in Joel 2. Peter spoke while filled with the Holy Spirit and 3,000 people were baptized into the faith that day!

The Beauty of the Holy Spirit and Pentecost - Online Christian Store

When God sent His Spirit just as promised, man gained the ability to walk with Jesus daily through the Holy Spirit. He is our teacher living inside of us and instructing us. John 14:26 tells us that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things we need to know to live for Christ. The Spirit also reminds us of the many truths we have already learned. For the disciples that meant that He was there to remind them about the teachings of the man they had followed. For us, He reminds of all the Biblical teachings we have learned throughout our lives. He actually hides His Word in our heart to help us live a righteous life and not sin as it states in Psalm 119:11. Lastly, the Holy Spirit not only guides us, but He gives us the words to pray when we are unsure of what to say (Romans 8:26-27). He truly is our help every day.

In the upper room that day, Jesus tells His disciples that the Holy Spirit would be their Advocate and would bring truth (John 15:26-27). God was sending the Holy Spirit so that His truth would spread to all people. The Spirit would make the gospel known and draw people to Jesus. He would do this by exposing the sin in their lives. Jesus continues to explain to his disciples in John 16:7-11 that the Spirit will come to “convict the world of its sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of the coming judgment.” He helps remove us from the center of our lives and replaces us with the One who will advocate for us better than we ever could. If we do not allow Him to remove us from the center, then we let sin rule in our hearts. We can only bring His gospel to those around us if we first allow His truth to reign in us.

The Beauty of the Holy Spirit and Pentecost - Online Christian Store

We could never be right with God on our own accord. We need His Holy Spirit to be our teacher, our help through life, and most importantly our Advocate. Jesus became the sacrifice we needed and made a way for us to be brought before the Lord, and the Holy Spirit continues to transform us into the likeness of God. Jesus shared with his friends, the disciples, that day in the upper room because He knew that once they received the Spirit there would be no stopping what they would accomplish for the Kingdom on Pentecost and beyond. The moment our conversion took place we received all we would ever need in the Holy Spirit as well. So, who is the Holy Spirit? He is life.

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