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The Best Kind of Friendship

 The Best Kind of Friendship - Online Christian Store

By Heather Lynn                4 Minute Read

Have you ever had a really good friend who valued you? Or maybe you had a friendship that was more about convenience and made you feel like you had little worth. Imagine a friendship with someone who sees the value in who you are and would do anything for you. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of friend that anyone would want? That’s exactly how Christ sees us. As a Christian, this is one of the greatest relationships we can have, and it begins at the moment of salvation. However, sometimes we treat our relationship with Christ as a friendship that is convenient but not valuable. So how can you really walk with Christ and have sweet fellowship and friendship with Him? If you focus on Him first, demonstrate your love for Him with actions, and stay faithful, you will grow daily in your relationship with your Savior.

Love is shown by putting others first as Jesus did for us on the cross. We see this selfless kind of love by many men and women throughout the Bible, specifically Mary in John 12:1-3. Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were with Jesus and his friends at a dinner thrown in Jesus’ honor. To show her gratitude to Christ, Mary anointed Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume and wiped them with her hair. Luke’s version tells us that she wiped them as her tears fell on his feet. What a beautiful picture of love and devotion for someone else. She showed her selflessness because at that time women didn’t take down their hair in public, yet she was so consumed by who He was and what He had done for her, that she was willing to risk anything despite criticism from others like Judas. He thought she should have sold the oil and given it to the poor; he didn’t see the significance in what she had done, only the value of the perfume. So how can you be selfless in your love for Christ, like Mary? One of the ways you can focus on God first is by setting aside time to spend each day in prayer and meditation so that your thoughts will be focused on Him. This helps you put Jesus before yourself so that your prayers will earnestly seek Him.

The Best Kind of Friendship - Online Christian Store

Love is also shown with actions that demonstrate our care for others. Romans 5:8 tells us that God demonstrated His love for us by sending Christ to die on the cross. Mary showed her sacrificial love for Jesus by her actions. Her love was focused on Jesus first, and her actions were a product of that love. As Christians, our actions should come out of our love and devotion for Christ, just as Mary’s actions did. However, many times we spend more time participating in activities that only focus on ourselves, rather than serving God and others. It takes intentionality to really focus on God and your service to Him, whether that be finding creative ways to support missions abroad or helping those around you in need. 

Faithfulness is perhaps the greatest way we show our love for Christ as it demonstrates our undying devotion to Him. Mary recognized who Jesus was to her (Lord and Savior) and what He had done in her life (raising Lazarus from the dead). Her actions were driven by her continuous love and devotion to Christ. However, Judas spoke out of devotion for himself and his own interests. Three days after this event, he betrayed Jesus for just a few pieces of silver. Judas showed himself faithless with his words and actions. Jesus praised Mary for her selfless acts of faithfulness. What will be said of you? Will it be said that you are faithful by your devotion to Christ?

The Best Kind of Friendship - Online Christian Store

When we love Christ by putting Him first, allowing our actions to prove who He is in our lives, and staying the course by remaining faithful, we will see our relationship with God come to life.

There is a great and beautiful friendship to be found when we walk with Christ.


  • I didn’t realize it was such a taboo thing back then to take down your hair in public. It makes what Mary did to Jesus even more powerful!

  • At this point, Jesus really is my best friend who is ALWAYS there for me. I’ve seen so many ppl in my life come & go but Jesus will never leave.

  • I wonder what kind of perfume did Mary Magdelene use on Jesus feet does anyone know? I’d be really curious to find out.

    Matilda P.
  • @Carol I need to work on establishing prayer time. I need to learn to say “no” to people and other obligations so that I can focus on praying at least once or twice a day. Technology certainly doesn’t help in this goal of trying to get more prayer time, that’s for sure.

  • His friendship is not like any others, and may we keep His friendship in mind when we form our own friendships here as God is the best role model there is!


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