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The God Who Heals

The God Who Heals
By Heather Lynn      4 Minute Read


Alpha and Omega. The Prince of Peace. Our comforter. Creator. Lord of everything. All of these names describe the different characteristics of God. One other name, though, describes a name that we don’t always acknowledge: Healer. In Exodus 15:26, the Israelites had just crossed the Red Sea and entered into the wilderness. There was no water to be seen and the people were grumbling against Moses. The Lord asks the people to listen to Him and obey. He then describes Himself as their Healer or the Lord who heals. That’s exactly what He did for the people of Egypt. He delivered them from hardship, led them into the wilderness, and provided for them. In this journey called life, the road ahead can look difficult. It can be laced with trials such as sickness or suffering, but there is One we can call on at any time: God our Healer. In these moments, it's important to recognize our need for a healer, trust in Him, and call upon His name.

When we are faced with trials in this life, it’s important to recognize our need for something greater than ourselves. A healer is someone who mends or repairs something. Israelites were a broken people in need of fixing. They had been through so many hardships in Egypt as slaves and had seen the brokenness spread throughout their people and culture. They needed someone to repair what had been broken. God their Healer would do just that. When we are broken and in the midst of a trial, whether it’s sickness or a result of sin, do we turn to Him as the One who mends and repairs, our Healer?

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We can trust Him as the One who heals and saves. Even after God rescued the Israelites, He longed for them to continue to follow Him and trust that He knew what He was doing. He was the only one who could see the future of Israel, so He was trustworthy. In our lives, when we face trying times such as sickness, we can trust that He is the God who sees the future. He will lead us through the valleys. He alone has the power to heal our physical needs and our spiritual needs just like it says in Psalm 103: 2-3.

In moments of suffering, He will answer our call. We can call upon the Lord as soon as we are going through a painful time. However, it seems like when we encounter trials, we tend to call upon everyone else as if they have the power God has. While they will pray for us, we can go directly to the ultimate source! The Israelites came to Moses grumbling. Think about how much the Israelites would have grown in their faith if they would have called upon Him first! They still received the blessing, but there’s something amazing that takes place inside of us and transforms us when we call upon Him directly.

God our Healer is greater than us, He’s trustworthy, and He will answer our call. This is why He should be the first one we call upon when we enter a time of suffering. God is many things to us, but as our Healer, He proves Himself trustworthy and faithful. He is the God who answers. When we call on Him, He will do extraordinary things in our lives.


  • “I will take away sickness from among you… " Exodus 23:50 This post was a good reminder to us all. We just have to call on His healing powers and be saved!

  • God does see the future and I BELIEVE he gives us the power to get glimpses into the future at times as well! For example, I had a very bad feeling about my neighbor whom I hadn’t seen in a few months. I got a visual of her looking sickly and ill. A month later, she found out she had lung cancer. I really think God let me see this. We must be in tune and ready to receive these things sometimes.

  • Always trust God :)

  • Now is a greater time than ever to turn to your faith and rely on God for healing.

    G. Lawrence
  • Amen! When I’m having a hard time, I always call onto God and he helps me. It might not be immediately, but it always works out one way or another. <3

    Cara Reid

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