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The Miracle of Christmas

By: Jessica Jones            4 Minute Read

The Christmas season is always busy - full of shopping days, planning for family get-togethers, traveling, decorating, and so many other things. Sometimes, the stresses and busyness of this time of year get in the way of our ability to reflect on the meaning behind the season - and the miracle it all began with.

I struggle with this myself. It can be all too easy to get wrapped up in the activities and events of Christmas without pondering the miraculous birth of Jesus and the effect of this good news on my life.

The question I would like for us to consider is this: how can we keep the miracle of Christmas as our focus?

Perhaps the key is to remember. Remember the story of Christmas. Remember the miracle of the Savior. Remember the gift of the Gospel.

Let’s remember the miracle of Christmas:

The story begins with silence. 400 years of silence, to be exact. To the people of Israel, it must have felt hopeless. After the words of Malachi, God seemed to no longer have anything to do with them. They longed for the promised Messiah, but with every passing year, the likelihood of anyone coming to save them seemed to draw more and more to a close.

And to make matters worse, their land had become overrun by those awful Romans! Greedy, ill-mannered, brutal toward anyone who opposed them.

But still, they longed for redemption, clinging to every thread of hope that someday, somehow, their Messiah would come and take their land back for them.

And so they prayed.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

Then, the silence began to break.

Zechariah, a priest, an old man by that time, received word from God through the message of an angel that he and his wife would be given a son in their old age. John was to be a prophet, a messenger to prepare the way for the Messiah.

Within a few months, his wife’s cousin, Mary, who was not yet married, would be visited by the angel Gabriel and promised a son who would be named Jesus.

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Consider the miracle of Christmas: a barren woman births a prophetic son and a young, unmarried-but-betrothed woman births the Savior. Did they know that they would both bear the pain of losing their sons to the cruel evil of the world? Did Mary know that her son would bear the sins of the world?

Ponder the wonder of the shepherds, who were overwhelmed by the chorus of angels announcing the arrival of the Messiah. Who could have predicted that the lowliest of people would be the first guests of the King?

Consider the joy of the wise men upon realizing that their study of creation had brought them to this special One. Did they know that they were gazing upon the face of the One who had made the stars they had spent their whole life searching and studying?

Wonder at the reality that the Most High God sent His Son to take on human flesh, to be born of a woman, to walk the dusty streets of Earth, to humble Himself as a servant, to die for the sins of all. Do you know that kind of love?

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The miracle of Christmas is this: “Christ Jesus, who, existing in the form of God, didn’t consider equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself, becoming obedient to the point of death, yes, the death of the cross” (Philippians 2:5b-8, WEB).

This Christmas, let’s ponder the wonder of the miracle of Christmas and invite our Savior to move in our lives. Let’s worship Him and adore Him because He alone is worthy.

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  • I feel there needs to be more education to others about the miracle and true meaning of Christmas. I see others use this wonderful time to indulge and become gluttons, not just with food but with gifts/material items. I want to tell others about Christmas but without turning them off, any ideas how I can do this? For example, like a good Facebook post or something? I feel that people aren’t in touch with the meaning anymore, especially since they are banning many religious activities in schools nowadays (all because one muslim in the county disagrees with it). Don’t get me started on that! But anyway, things like this just push people further from the Lord, not even consciously many times, they are just influenced by the news, etc.

  • Christmas really is the best time of the year. I love my Christmas morning cinnamon rolls but I also love how we can use the time to remember the real reason for the season, our Christ Jesus!

  • It’s important we remember the meaning of Christmas and share it with all of those around us.

  • I had the nicest little nativity scene when I was younger… I loved the wise men. Your article makes me remember my favorite little Christmas “decoration”.

  • True love was born in a manger! ;) Great shirt.

    G. Lawrence

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