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Creationism: The Foundation of It All

Creationism the Foundation of it All - Online Christian Store

By: Heather Lynn      3 Minute Read 


The foundation of a building determines the durability of its structure. A shallow foundation can be cheap and easy to construct but will not provide the strength and durability a structure needs to last a long time as a deeper foundation provides. We see this illustrated in Matthew 7 when Jesus tells us that the wise man builds his house upon a rock while the foolish man builds his upon the sinking sand. Man’s view of the origin of life is the foundation for which he builds his belief systems, and if he believes in an intentional view of how life began with God as its author, he will allow God to build something beautiful.

There are two views for life’s origin that directly impact the human belief system: an accidental view and an intentional view. An accidental view claims that life began from inorganic matter and organized itself into living systems without the help of an author or creator. This view has only brought about many unanswered questions such as how life could organize itself into the living material that makes up our planet such as plants, animals, and human life without any evidence or proof to backup up these claims. Creationism, however, is an intentional view that states the origins of life began with the breath of a Creator who organized life into the living systems that make up our earth. This author’s fingerprints proclaim its evidence from the daily sunrise and sunset to the design of a newborn baby. From each of these origin views comes a belief system that shapes how we perceive human behavior, right and wrong, and social issues.

Creationism the Foundation of it All - Online Christian Store

For years people have clung to an accidental view of creationism hoping that questions would be answered and that the view would give the freedom to live any way they choose and believe anything they want. A view that claims a random selection and a world that came into existence by chance mean there is no one author, ruler, or creator. With no higher being, man is the ultimate ruler of himself, creates his own destiny, and gives his own value to life. In essence, this creates a very weak foundation for life and creates chaos in society. If a man is the ruler of himself, then right and wrong is based on each person’s moral compass which means everyone’s opinion of right and wrong will be different, so they will do what seems right in their own eyes. This is why we are seeing immorality in our nation disguised as morality. The very laws that were based on the Bible and founded our country are being erased thus changing the fabric of our nation. Romans 1:25 tells us that the people exchanged the truth of God for a lie; we are living in this reality, and it can be traced back to the very view that proclaims life as a result of millions of molecules coming together and organizing itself into systems or a cosmic accident.

A believer who builds his or her life on the foundation of creationism builds a house that can withstand the corruption of the world and will find purpose in life. God, Creator and Author, formed the earth and breathed the breath of life into man, thus giving purpose to His creation as it states in Genesis 1. In a world of people competing to be innovators and creating the next best thing, is it so difficult to believe that there would be a creator of human life? The creationism view provides a foundation that gives value and purpose to life. The believer who builds his house upon a rock and clings to the hope of an eternal prize that surpasses this current life will seek the Bible and its promises for their morality.

Creationism the Foundation of it All - Online Christian Store

How someone answers the age-old question of life’s origins will determine the strength of the structure they build. When the storms of life come, and they will, a structure built on the foundation of a view based on the Author and Creator of the very ground we walk on will withstand the turmoil and chaos of everything around them.


  • Anyone else feel like they can’t wrap their mind around all of the amazing things our God has created? I feel like I can’t completely comprehend it with my human brain.

  • As we grow closer to Jesus, our lives will reflect Him more clearly.

    Lynn C.
  • Your article has motivated me to get my Bible out and read Genesis :)

  • such things like the sunrise and sunset… so simple but yet such an established part of life on this planet… our Creator did an amazing job.

    G. Lawrence
  • Makes me so sad when I see the laws that were founded on the Bible being erased. We need the Lord more than ever now, in every aspect of life – school, govt, etc.


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