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Creator God: The Quality and Complexity of Man

Creator God: The Quality and Complexity of Man - Online Christian Store


By Heather Lynn                    5 Minute Read

Have you ever seen something so beautiful it took your breath away? Maybe it was the mountains that seem to tower over everything in their shadows, or maybe a national park like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone. Maybe it was just the colors of the sunset from your front porch or the stars in the night sky. What about the human body? Have you ever thought about how complex and intricate it is? It is just as complex as anything in nature, if not more. Man is God’s most valuable creation, and the human body is something beautiful that man could never fully replicate, especially without consequences.

So what gives something quality? Is it how good it looks or how well it performs? Webster’s Dictionary defines quality as a degree of excellence or superiority in kind. We are God’s quality handiwork. We were created in the image of a God who is perfect, and we are a valuable product of His creative work. Every detail, every part of who we are was created by and for the same God who created the mountains, the sunset, and the universe as it states in Colossians 1:16. Just like an inventor who knows everything about his invention, our Lord knows everything about us because he created us as Psalm 139 reminds us. He cares for us even more than an inventor loves his invention or an author loves his story. He knows our every thought and is invested in our daily lives. He goes before us and follows us to protect us (Psalm 139:5)- that’s how much He cares for us. 

Creator God: The Quality and Complexity of Man - Online Christian Store

What gives something quality is the excellence by which it was made, so who are we to question the quality of God’s creation? Yet, we let society define our worth, thus creating an inaccurate self-image, contrary to what God sees in us. When we fail to see the quality with which we were made, we run the risk of making poor decisions and living a destructive lifestyle based on this negative self-view. However, when we see the value in ourselves (the image of God) we will be able to see ourselves as fearfully and wonderfully made like Psalm 139:14 states!

Science has been trying to remove God from creation for years, especially when it comes to the quality of life. They try to play God and take away His authority by attempting to mimic His creation through the use of cloning, in vitro fertilization, and test-tube fertilization. All of these procedures attempt to make a replica of something in which there can be consequences such as health defects- both long-term and short-term, financial costs, and in the case of embryo fertilization, the disposal of the embryos (the beginning of human life). In the Bible, we can learn from both Abraham when he chose to produce a son with His servant instead of waiting on the Lord’s promise to be fulfilled (Genesis 16:1-4) and Lot’s daughters when they let the fear of being childless drive them to bypass God’s design and produce children with their father (Genesis 19:31-38). Whether we look to Science or Biblical examples, we can see that following after any plan other than God’s will leads to long-lasting consequences and destruction. As a believer, these processes should be thoroughly evaluated, along with time spent in prayer consulting the Holy Spirit for guidance in making decisions.

Creator God: The Quality and Complexity of Man - Online Christian Store

God desires us to fully embrace a relationship with Him, our Creator, understand our value in His eyes, and trust that His plan for our lives is better than anything we could ever try to duplicate. In John 9, the disciples meet a blind man and assume his blindness was a result of his sin; however, Jesus states that it is so the power of God could be seen in Him. While we may not always understand God’s plan or life’s experiences, we can trust that God will use us for His glory and His good if we allow Him to! He is the Author of life and put significant detail into His creation; this is something that cannot be replicated by man!


  • Very true.

  • I remember hearing the story of the blind man in John 9 when I was a little girl! So powerful.

  • He is the ultimate inventor!

    Lynn C.
  • I actually do think about the complexity of the human body. We have so many cells, so many functions, each cell knows what to do… who else could have created us other than our Almighty God??

  • Saddens me when people fall victim to letting society define their worth. I admit, I’ve let it happen plenty of times, but the more I focus on God, the more confidence I have. I don’t need someone else’s opinion.

    G. Lawrence

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