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Humanity: The Right to Choose Life

Humanity The Right to Choose Life - Online Christian Store

By Heather Lynn                    5 Minute Read

From the beginning of time, God has had a very unique relationship with mankind. He set the earth in motion, placed each star in the sky, raised the plants from the ground, and fashioned each animal from the crawling beasts of the land to the swimming creatures of the seas. However, the Lord scooped up the dirt and formed man with his hands. Then He breathed the breath of life in his lungs, and from that moment, the Author of creation imparted His authority over life itself. His very breath gave value to everything it touched. That is what sets us apart from all other life. Without His authority, life loses its meaning and value.

So what makes us so much different than all of God’s creation? We were made in His image. Genesis 1:26-30 explains that God made man to be like Himself. He gave man the ability to think, reason, and feel. This allows man to know and love God with a deep understanding that only comes from Him. He did not make man to have control over him, but instead gave him the freedom to choose the way he responds to the world. In the beginning, God placed Adam in the garden of Eden to tend and watch over it as Genesis 2:15 states. Man’s job is to care for others and the world around him. He gave man the authority to tend to this world and all who inhabit it, with the greatest task being to love and care for others even more than the plant and animal life that share this planet.

Humanity The Right to Choose Life - Online Christian Store

God places great significance on human life as part of His image. As Psalm 139:13-16 states, He knit us together, formed our innermost parts, and planned out every one of our days. Psalm 8 tells us that out of everything He made, he put significant care into creating human beings. What great hope this gives us, that no matter how we view ourselves, He sees us as His beloved creation with whom He wants to have a relationship. When we see the intricate care God took in creating us, we will value all life: our own life as well as the lives of others.

It is evident the value someone places on the lives of others depends on their view of God and His authority. The care we show others can have lasting effects. For example, those who believe that life begins the moment God knits that life together in the womb will ultimately value the unborn and make choices to save them. Those who do not believe life begins in the womb give the ability to choose life or death to someone else, a choice that belongs to God, and they will make choices that endanger the lives of others. If we choose to devalue life, we will only experience chaos and destruction within society. Throughout history, we have seen examples of people who have disregarded specific people groups and the implications it has had on that society. Romans 1: 21-25 describes what happens when people trade the truth of God for a lie.

Humanity The Right to Choose Life - Online Christian Store

When we as a people choose to love and obey the Lord and value all that He values as Deuteronomy 30 tells us, we encounter His blessings and abundant life with our Creator. It takes one life valuing the life of another to impact the world around us. This is a legacy we can pass on for generations.



  • I really don’t know how someone could choose to end a baby’s life. Life DOES begin in the womb!

  • “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.”

    Lynn C.
  • While I do care for others, I care for animals too. We must respect all living things in my opinion.

  • We are so blessed to be able to think, reason, and feel. God truly put a lot of great things in man.

    G. Lawrence
  • I always forget about Deuteronomy 30 :)


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